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1. Phone
Call us directly at (303) 427-0432 during business hours or leave a message during after hours.

2. Online
If you are web-enabled patient (which means we emailed you your login information), you can log-in and use the Request an appointment function within the Portal. Please make sure you click SUBMIT button when using the Portal. You can also fill out the "web-interview" so that we know more about your reason for the visit before your visit and be better prepared.

The portal is a very secure and HIPAA-compliant way of communicating with us. It is not the same as regular email, but you will get an email to remind you if you have an appointment or if we send you a message, and you need to log in to see the message.

SkinWise Dermatology Clinic P.C.

Dr. Isabel Zhu

General and Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery

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